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Hello, and welcome to My name is Gavin. I’ve created this site to explain and teach people how digital backdrops can be used to transform photos. I am also including a resource library containing hundreds of theme and studio backdrops that can be downloaded for free.

I have been creating and using digital backdrops for 7 years. I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks that I am only too happy to share. The first thing I learned was that anyone can use digital backdrops, once they know how.

A digital backdrop is a high resolution image that can be used as the background for a photo; you can replace the background of any image and insert one that suites your taste. This process is easily done with photo editing software such as photoshop or a free program call Gimp.

If you know the basics of photo editing you should have no trouble learning this new skill. It all comes down to 3 steps – as you can see in the diagram below.


Hopefully the tutorials will guide you in the right direction and soon your be busy creating images like the samples below. If you need help do not hesitate to ask me.



Site Contents:

* Backgrounds by the hundreds – all free to download.

* Step-by-step tutorials that teach you how to use backdrops – both Photoshop and Gimp versions.

* Step-by-step tutorials teaching you how to create your own digital backdrops, using Photoshop only.

* A free digital ebook that teaches you how to create your own digital backdrops. Feel free to share this ebook with your friends.

* Digital photo props are provided. These offer a fantastic way to create a fun look to portrait photos.


As you can see, I have a ton of content already created for you to use. I think there is already plenty to get you busy creating some stunning images.


What is coming in the future?

* I will be adding more digital backdrops, lots of theme and studio backgrounds.

* I will be adding a lot more tutorials to teach various aspects of digital backdrop use.

* Every month you will have a chance to win my premium digital backdrop collection. I will be offering other prizes as well.

* Any photography resources that I think you will benefit from.

Other Sources For Backdrops: is the best place to find top premium digital backgrounds. You will find hundreds of themes and styles to choose from. Below is a small sample of the packages.

amazon  If you are looking for large and really great backdrops then look no further than this very website. My own premium backdrops are 4600 by 6000, twice the size of most backdrops you will find.  Site will be online soon. This last site provides stunning backdrops and great tutorials. Right now they are selling a package called Photobackgrounds Advantage Package. This great deal gives you over 375 backgrounds, 126 photoshop templates, a ton of props, and 31 video tutorials. (I’ve purchased this set and it is fantastic!)


I plan to grow this site over time. I want to be able to help others enjoy using digital backdrops.

I would appreciate getting feedback on what I have done on this site. Let me know what I did wrong and what is right; also, let me know what you would like to see on this site. I am building it for you.

Send an email to

Send me photos of your work and I will add them to my backdrop gallery if that is your wish.

Enjoy yourself,


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Guest Post By Chris

I wanted to take a moment to comment on Gavin Smith’s excellent (free!) eBook on how to create your own digital backdrops. I just finished reading it and have to give it a strong Cover Smallrecommend for a couple of reasons. Here’s why:

1)You can’t beat the price. Free is good, no matter who you are. Even better when the free book contains hard hitting, immediately useful information, and Smith’s book does exactly that. I don’t use Photoshop much, outside occasionally re-sizing photos I download from my camera, so I consider myself a newbie, and even I could follow the instructions the way they were laid out. If a newbie like me can do it, anyone can!

2)The material is clearly written and straightforward. There’s no fluff, and there are no wasted steps. You can tell the guy knows exactly what he’s talking about because of the economy of the actions he has you take. That’s the difference between an eBook written by someone who sort of knows what they’re talking about, and an actual expert. I’ll take the expertly written title any day of the week.

3)It teaches you an immediately useful, tangible skill. I was able to make my first background an import a picture into it in about ten minutes (and that was with playing with lots of filters and effects). Let’s face it, sometimes, you take a picture that has…let’s say an “unfortunate” background. With this book in hand, you can remedy that problem, and put the picture into any kind of background you want!

4)Bonuses! Yes, you read that right. I think Gavin might be a little nuts here, but he’s actually giving away bonuses (in the form of 200 backdrops!) just for reading the book and learning something new. Not that I’m complaining – his backdrops are much better than the one I just created, so maybe a little nuts, but in a good way!

5)You get resale rights (if you want to sell it). That means you can add it to your own product offering (either as a freebie or as a value add to a package you’re putting together for sale). The only thing you don’t get the rights to do is to change the content, though I can’t imagine why you’d want to. The book’s great as is!

Highly recommended!


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